Can an insurance company, or anyone else, insist where you take your vehicle after a collision, such as being serviced through the dealership?
No, according to Florida law, no one can make this decision for you.
Do you work with most insurance companies?
Yes, we work with all major leading insurance companies.
How do I know my car will be safe after it's repaired?
We use the most sophisticated equipment in the industry to ensure your vehicle's structural integrity is fully restored. We check for twisting and bows in your car that are as small as 1 millimeter.
Will my car look like it did before my accident?
Yes, our special painting booths which allow us to give your vehicle a glowing finish while paying strict attention to your manufacturer's color specifications.
Are you trained to work on my brand of car?
We have been Tampa Bay's first choice for luxury vehicles since 1970. We started as an exclusive Mercedes-Benz repair shop and we have since branched out to service all luxury cars and SUVs.
My frame is bent. Will it ever be the same again?
There is a common misconception that once a frame or uni-body has suffered damage, the vehicle will never be the same. Unfortunately, because some shops don't have the equipment or expertise to properly repair the vehicle, this can be a real concern. At Gene Perez, we not only have the most up-to-date equipment, we have technicians who have the experience and training to get it done right. Structural repairs are measured by computer to assure that your vehicle is restored back to, or even exceeding the original factory tolerances and specifications.